The Creative Process

1.       Decide what the subject will be; A favorite pet, a loved one, your beloved car, a place you visited, a grandchild…

2.       Decide if you want to use your own picture(s) or if you’d like me to take the photos for you.

There is a small fee if the drive is more than 20 miles from my home, usually no more than $20. The quality of the final portrait is directly related to the quality, resolution and focus of the photographs we decide to use. I may ask for extra photos which do not have to be “perfect”, as these will be used for a reference for coloring, background, closeup details or the personality of your loved one. Backgrounds, subjects or features can be combined from different photos, and leashes, collars or halters can easily be omitted from the final Creation.

3.       Email the photos to me at or send them to Kris DuBois on Facebook.

4.       Decide what size you’d like the finished Creation to be.

Below is a list of the sizes available, along with the prices.

5.       Make a down payment for your Creation on the Pay for your Creation Page.

On the last page is a link to Paypal, or if you prefer to use a credit card, I have Zelle.

I prefer payment up front, or at least ½ down, so I can purchase any supplies I may need for the project.

Once I begin the painting, I normally post progress images directly to my facebook page, or privately to you if it is a gift, so you can see the progress.

Using Format